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  • I have been trying

    I have been trying

    It has long been time to get out there and start trying new things again. Or rather, not new things, but lots of old things that I had lost my way with. In this post, I relay all the ways I have been trying.

  • “Learning From Autistic Teachers” – book review

    “Learning From Autistic Teachers” – book review

    My friend Lauren messaged me a while ago that Jessica Kingsley Publishers had a new book coming out about autistic teachers. Of course, I immediately felt inclined to read it. I wrote the publishing house explaining my background as an autistic teacher and expressed how much I wished to read and review it. After they’d […]

  • autism in education – primary school

    autism in education – primary school

    In the series autism in education I write about my personal experiences as both an autistic student and teacher. For this post, I reflect on my time in primary school.

  • the line between trying and overexerting

    the line between trying and overexerting

    Lately I have been trying to set foot in society again as part of my recovery. It is a scary process. As much as I have learned and grown over the past year, I am still hesitant with taking new steps. The last thing I want is a relapse.

  • autism in education

    autism in education

    I have so many thoughts on this, I don’t even know where to start. Let’s begin with the fact that I was only diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the age of 26, meaning I spent my twenty years as a student without any specific alterations for people with autism. On top of that, […]

  • sometimes I get tired of autism

    Lately I’ve been feeling tired of having to deal with my own needs all the time. Especially in communication with others, I feel like I am constantly going on and on about autism. On top of it, I am forever occupied with it in my head. My therapist reminded me that I have only just […]

  • how I got my autism diagnosis

    how I got my autism diagnosis

    I write about how I got my autism diagnosis and what that process looked like. I also answer questions from followers!

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